The Architecture Documents Laboratory (LabDA) is a documentation center established at the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (IA UNSAM), that addresses the need to generate knowledge for the architectural profession by researching, collecting, and scanning the technical documents with which modern architecture was built in Argentina. The aim is to generate a documents archive that reaffirms and showcases the technical expertise, building quality and aesthetic paradigm in that architecture, restoring a lost aspect of the cultural heritage of the discipline, and exposing the tension that occurs between construction and appearance.

LabDA works in research, technical assistance and consulting, contributing to building knowledge and to expanding the cultural heritage of the discipline. Within the IA UNSAM, it focuses on placing value on the material documented in the archive, promoting its dissemination by means of publications, the organization of events and exhibitions, and fostering research that proposes new insights into the works indexed in the laboratory. In addition, working in collaboration with the Technology Department of the Institute, it encourages students to conceive construction as a design reality, understanding the material configuration as a key factor in the genesis of the architectural design process. LabDA specializes in the management of original documents and protocols for digitalization and indexation. The knowledge generated is used in providing technical assistance to third parties, both private and public organizations that require the digitalization of original documents in any size or format. The Laboratory has signed collaboration agreements with institutions such as CPAU, SCA, and also private agreements with professional architecture studies. Within the University, the laboratory has the potential to collaborate with the Department of Conservation of Works in Paper Format in TAREA (Cultural Heritage Research Institute), with the possibility of generating joint archival restoration projects.




Ignacio Montaldo, Arch.   Director
Architect by the University of Buenos Aires (2003). Since 2004 he directs moarqs architects ( where he has produced projects in different fields and scales. He is a Regular Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Architecture Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires and Professor of Construction Technologies at the National University of General San Martin. PhD student at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Architecture Design and Urbanism. He is a member of the Ethics Committee of the SCA and a member of the Jury College and Advisors in Architectural Competitions.


Evelyn Montaldi 
Advanced student of Architecture at the IA, UNSAM.


Labda Photo


Javier Agustín Rojas  Photographer
(1989, Buenos Aires) Architect, editor and photographer ( He develops his independent practice as an architecture photographer since 2017, working mainly in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and France, collaborating with architects, artists, archives and museums. His work aims to use photography as a systematic tool for the analysis and discussion of the built environment. Between 2012 and 2017 he was part of the editorial team of PLOT magazine (Buenos Aires), being its executive editor from 2014.


Advisory Board


Nora Altrudi, Lic. Conservation and Restoration
PhD in History from the Institute of High Social Studies of the National University of San Martín, Bachelor of Arts by the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Buenos Aires. Director of the Center for Conservation, Cataloging and Research of Archives and Special Bibliographic Collections of TAREA-IIPC-UNSAM and associate professor in the program in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage in the same Institute.


Juan Ignacio Azpiazu, Arch.  Research
Architect by the University of Buenos Aires (1989). Bonifacio del Carril Award from the National Academy of Fine Arts 1995. Taught at the universities of Buenos Aires, Torcuato Di Tella and Flores. Translated and published Semper: El estilo (2013). Researches and writes on architecture built in Argentina in the 50s to 70s.


Marta García Falcó, Arch. Document Management
Architect, UBA, 1985. Expert in Document Management and File Management, UFASTA (2008). Professional activity in the study and recovery of architectural heritage, in the editorial field and in historical and journalistic research. Since 2002, he has been conducting research on showrooms in Argentina. She was Counselor of the Professional Council of Architecture and Urbanism (2010-2014), currently integrating the SCA Board of Directors. Represents the CPAU before the CAAP (Advisory Council on Patrimonial Affairs).